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App delivery

The only thing you need is to have an idea and we will take care of your project - analyse your requirements, design, code and test the solution, prepare and submit the final product to online stores, support, upgrade and further develop.


You're running out of resources? We can help you with coding front-end or back-end side in C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iOS, Android.


You have great idea but you don't know where to start? We can help you analyse and design your solution, give you the knowledge and best-practise for each platform or prepare an review of your own design and check if it's comformant with given platform.

Are you interested in our services or just need help?

Our products

Taskio Application

Smart and simple task management for everyday life. Built-in awesome date recognition, reminders, quick actions and landscape mode. Comes with intuitive calendar view, modern flat design and swipe gestures.

Dparse - Natural language date parsing library

Natural language date parsing library parses date from written text. It is able to determine exact dates, relative date strings like "tomorrow evening", "next friday", "in 3 weeks" or exact written date strings like "2/3/2013 12:35am", "1pm" or "10/12".

Available for Java, .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android

Meet the team

We are a team of skilled experienced IT professionals and mobile enthusiasts. Application development means fun for us and so it translates into work we create. Our vision is to deliver smart, easy to use and user friendly applications and solutions. Stay tuned big things are about to come!

Tomas Szabo

iOS development / Co-Founder

Stefan Oravec

Designer / Co-Founder

Urban Kravjansky

iOS developer

Ondrej Kovac

Android developer

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